Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy solutions

While the Eastern Cape has made significant progress in providing real and increased access to electricity for rural households, there still remain challenges in bringing sustainable energy solutions to certain areas of the province. Some of these areas have approached ECRDA to assist in the exploitation of alternative energy sources for energy generation. This is a significant assignment in the face of a national grid which faces increased pressure from increased urbanisation and industrialisation. Over the last decade, government has placed particular emphasis and focus on the exploration, exploitation and

implementation of alternative energy sources to complement the increased demand on the national electricity grid. Fortunately, the Eastern Cape possesses significant potential for alternative and renewable energy. However, this potential has not been exploited to the extent that it begins to produce tangible and substantial returns for the province and the nation as a whole. Encouragingly, government has led in the development of policy instruments which create the right climate and platforms for the growth of this infant sector. As such, the Eastern Cape possesses the potential to produce about 5,000 megawatts of energy from available renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biofuels. As an organisation which continues to play a central role in the roll-out of a comprehensive rural development strategy, ECRDA continues to investigate he viability of public-private partnerships to unlock and exploit the potential of the renewable energy sector.