Values and Guiding principles

ECRDA will strive to act professionally at all times. To this end, we will adhere to the following guiding principles:


    We will be transparent in all our dealings and promote inclusive and accountable participation by all stakeholders.


    We will strive for the highest organisational achievement in all aspects of service delivery in our mandate of rural development.


    we will strive to remain consistent, trustworthy and demonstrate respect and commitment in our intentions by setting an example of true professionalism and ethical propriety in all our dealings.


    We will strive for creativity and innovation. Through innovation we enhance our ability to mainstream appropriate technologies that benefit the poor and rural communities.


    We will demonstrate loyalty to our developmental goals in uplifting the plight of the rural poor. We will work towards the promotion of the interest of the communities we serve and of the organisation.


    We will demonstrate our commitment to the value of Ubuntu through our interaction with the community and adopting a mind-set of shared humanity.